Who knew? NHSmail does secure! Useful for sending stuff to patients?

For years I’ve had it drummed into me that I could only send confidential data from NHSmail to NHSmail accounts. At some point, I was told that in theory, you could send it to other UK government accounts. I was on an IG course the other day and they happened to mention that NHSmail has a method of sending encrypted emails to non-NHS mail users.

By putting [secure] or [encrypt] in the subject line it sends a message to the recipient asking them to log on and validate themselves before allowing them to download the message. I suspect it doesnt prevent someone who has hacked your email getting access to it but it certainly prevents others.

Apart from the revelation that you can teach old dogs new tricks – given the new GDPR rules coming that are goign to allow anyone to request anything for free – this might be a useful way of sending patients corrrespondance securely.

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