What does the end of the 5 year deal mean?

It’s the end of the 5 year deal – no more increases in ARRS funding. I would suggest to fellow PCN CDs and Managers and Practices, now is the time to review what you are spending your ARRS funding on.
Are you getting value for money? – is it delivering what you wanted it to? You aren’t going to get anymore and you are likely to have wage issues with wages going up higher than funding so you need to be sure you are getting the bang for buck.

MSK FCPS, Pharmacists Pharm Techs and Care Coordinators appear to be the favourites. PAs are controversial and marmite 🙂 – from a recent poll I did – hardly anyone has gone in for GPAs – despite me thinking they are a good thing. I know one PCN that loves their OT but you don’t hear a lot.. some of the other roles are barely talked about. What are your thoughts? Are you happy with what you have? Are you changing your plans? How are you measuring the impact?

If you are thinking of changing your team around how about a DTL per practice? So much of what we do is IT/data/coding – having dedicated people in a practice to do this could benefit all and with the removal of restriction everyone could have one. It could even be a career progression for some CCs?

For me – part of ARRS was to introduce the concept of non GPs / nurses working in primary care – Id like to think I was a forerunner having had a couple of Pharmacists for years before hand. Some practices have I suspect got around the additionally rules and made some savings but on the whole its delivered new roles in primary care..

Where next? hopefully it continues? One of the conversations we have had with our practices is you can have these people and fund them yourself – if you think it’s worth it. For example the GPA role – I think most receptionists could become GPAs and upskill themselves and perhaps get pay rises. Many practices love CCs and why not have more of them? More MSK?