Ultramed’s POAC service could save hospitals real money!

While this is meant to be a primary care blog, I couldn’t resist mentioning this product. I met Ultramed to discuss potential ventures into primary care but as part of that meeting, they showed me their current product, MyPreOp.

Given that POAC is the interface between primary and secondary care I thought it worth mentioning as its such a no-brainer I wish I’d known about it when they were looking for funding and had been an investor.

The premise is easy – computerise using standardised evidence-based algorithms the process of collecting the information needed for a pre-op assessment. This can be done at the original decision to operate appointment, on a kiosk iPad thingy, before leaving the hospital or partly at home online. Both reduce the RTT removing the need for a separate POAC appointment.

Also, the system is vastly more efficient needing much less nurse/HCA time given that they aren’t needed for most of the data collection, so it has the potential to take costs out of the system.

My understanding is they are already in 7 hospitals and about to go live in one down the road from me. There is a roadmap of developments coming including linking to primary care data that will only make the system better.

I’m probably not doing it justice – but if you work in a hospital and have anything to do with surgery you might want to look it up and be the one who gets the praise for introducing it!

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