Trying a Standing Desk

Ergotron sent me a standing desk to try. Full disclosure the desk was free but they neither requested a review or insisted on a positive review.

I’ve always wondered what my patients would think of it, my wife also a GP who has one says only a few ask & her bad back works as a good reason for hers

At the moment I’m working from home doing telephone/video surgeries every day and sometimes it just feels like I’m sat 12 hours a day – so I immediately said yes to the offer – what was the worst that could happen – some wood for the bonfire?

Well it takes a little getting used to. I’ve a dual monitor setup so they sent me a big one and its big. It came on a pallet. But it kind of works on my antique desk. In sitting position the monitors are a little higher than usual but that’s not a problem and in standing position it actually works quite well. I find that I use it for half an hour a surgery just to get me up out of the chair. This may sound really sad but im not used to standing for hours any longer gone are the days of 5 hour ward rounds.

Where it really works is on Team conferences where I can actually move around with my video off. Whether I’ll use it in front of live patients I’m not sure but as the future holds more phone consulting I can see me using it going forward!

This was from a LinkedIn post