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Simitive achieves new levels of engagement and motivation within a workforce, providing the momentum for improved productivity, performance, efficiency and change.
Modules are delivered securely from the cloud for complete flexibility at minimal cost.

Simitive Review
Delivers the quantitative and qualitative solutions to your appraisal challenges. 85%+ of reviewees and reviewers report significant improvements in quality and value of appraisals.

Simitive Compliance
Is a dedicated compliance management solution developed jointly by Simitive and the leading law firm Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV). The solution provides the functionality and flexibility to deliver significant improvements in completion and reporting organisational wide compliance.
Units include , GDPR, Data Protection, Information Security, Equality & Diversity, Anti-Bribery, Proceeds of
crime/Money Laundering, Modern Slavery.

Simitive Learning Management
Real-time learning management platform that pro-actively engages every individual directly in identifying, agreeing and completing learning and development activities. It supports behavioural, competency and skills frameworks, providing the platform for talent management and succession planning.

Simitive Aligned Goals
Unique, interactive management and monitoring of organisation, team and individual goals and objectives. Ensures all goals are clearly defined, agreed, visible and up to date, with a clear line of sight upwards / downwards through the whole organisation. Expect 20% saving in wasted effort plus increased engagement on desired outcomes.

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