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RotaMaster helps organisations across the board with staff management; from drastically reducing the administrative time associated with managing complex staff rotas, timesheets and payments, to taking the strain of absence management.

Created by a GP who saw a need in his own services, the product has been designed and developed since 1999 to overcome the hurdles faced within primary healthcare.

The system is built to handle complex working arrangements with ease, producing rotas for you in line with compliance measures, skill mixes and training, all the while giving you the final say on staff working patterns.

Staff can book shifts, check rotas and submit timesheets from the handy RotaMaster Web Portal, whilst administrators can make the most of our powerful desktop application. Take the time out of planning rotas, report on everything from costings to HR, and use our comprehensive finance integrations to ensure that staff payments are always accurate, without the need for manual consolidation every month.

RotaMaster is used by all sizes of organisation, ranging from 20 to 5,000 staff, and our optional modules bring even more benefits, with expenses, mileage and overtime management, full HR functionality and proof of presence monitoring – all in one system.

We are the market leading provider for Out of Hours services, and we work with many organisations supplying primary care at scale. Around 45% of GP alliances and federations use us nationally for their centralised services, HUBs and within their practices.

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