Robotic Process Automation

Potentially have another use case for the RPA companies out there. Apparently the registration system in EMIS is clunky. Practice managers tell me that if one GP leaves and is replaced by another – it’s fairly easy to bulk switch the usual GP fields of the patients to the new doctor. However if more than one doctor is leaving or moving and or changing sessions and you want to be more bespoke in how you reregister people – including trying to match the number of people registered to the number of sessions a GP does (to balance out the workload re results/etc) there are no easy ways of doing this. The tool will allow chunks of pts to be moved but not in any clever way.

It has been suggested this might be a useful thing for RPA bots to do – go down a list of pts and switch their usual GP to the appropriate one – also on the list perhaps. This would be run at times of change – or every so often after a search looking at say who is seeing whom. As well as getting the right results to the right GP – we try to promote continuity of care and that’s hard to do when the record has the wrong name on it.

I’ve probably not explained it well – any PMs may be able to explain it better.