Met with the team from this week.

I’ve always liked the idea behind their product and its useful to catch up and be pumped by them for info on GP networks in the process :-).

They have a big private deal with BOOTS and they are starting to make inroads into the NHS with their “could it be a UTI” kit.

While useful I think the real benefit is getting patients to do their own ACRs perhaps at home. We know ACR is a big marker for complications in hypertension and diabetes. We know some patients don’t come in to have it done.

The ability to send a kit to someone and have them do it at their convenience appeals to me. (I think more CDM will move this way)

The in year cost savings is always the trouble as most of the benefits you get are in the long term versus the up front cost. Im suggesting we look at how much practice time/effort it might save and try and see if practices will fund it for that reason.