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With Radar Healthcare, digitise your audit processes so that when it’s time for an inspection, it’s quicker and easier to evidence everything required. No more sifting through papers, lumbering excel documents or misplaced photos; collate everything in one place and pull information with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Radar Healthcare’s auditing software:

  • Create customisable audits so that you don’t need to fit your current processes around the software, it’s flexible to fit around your needs instead
  • Our platform is created around user feedback, ensuring it’s simple to use so you can hit the ground running straight away
  • Access Radar Healthcare on any device, even without WiFi
  • Receive notifications for upcoming audits or any deviations which need addressing
  • Set up and track performance KPIs to ensure you’re continuously improving

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I’ve not looked at or used this company. Any feedback please let me know.