Practice moves to Blinx Solutions

My surgery has switched to using Paco from Blinx Solutions. We have just setup our call/recall system using their software to automate and streamline the process. As an end to end tool unlike some other systems – we have built all the searches (in PACO) identifying appropriate patients to call in and then message them allowing them to book their appointment online. Patients can also use the link to change or cancel if needed and where appropriate are sent a health form to fill in prior to the appointment collecting useful data. The process just runs in the background automatically.

We think it’s saving our admin team a load of time – they certainly seem to be happy they are now only having to do blood forms! Now if only ICE had a good API that would allow us to automate the test ordering we could make it a human free process. If anyone has worked out how to drive ICE – please let us know – seems silly that that needs a human to go into each record, We have a list of pts, we know which bloods they need – why can’t it just create the orders?