Please connect EMIS to Outlook/NHS mail

Lots of GPs have portfolio careers. Some work for CCGs, GPOOH providers, Universities etc. I suspect we all find it a nightmare sorting our calendars. You get asked to a meeting and you have no idea what to respond without looking at your clinical system – EMIS in my case. Of course you cant easily get into your clinical system to check!

The clinical system has my surgery diary in it. That is when i’m consulting and often when i’m in practice meetings. While some people consult exactly the same each week – some vary – some do some early starts – some do late finishes some Saturday ams etc. Some do different things on different weeks. Some people do on call surgeries some have medical students in them, which tend to overrun.

Having an app that extracts the surgery start and end times and type from EMIS and puts them in my outlook calendar would be really useful! I’m sure a load of other portfolio GPs might find it useful too. NB I’m not after patient details.

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