Personal Productivity – Portrait Monitors and Dual Screens

One of the Top 10 High Impact actions for General Practice is to work on things that promote Personal Productivity. Examples include learning to touch type or using speech recognition.

Locally there has been a huge push for Dual monitorsMonitors are currently quite cheap and while our CCG/CSU are putting in bids for every desktop to have a 2nd monitor many are putting their hands in their pockets and buying them themselves. You can get a dongle from amazon for not much money that allows you to use the second monitor.

When asked why do you need one – the answer is – have you seen how many windows I have open – EMIS, docman, lexacom, outlook, IE, Chrome, calculator, ECG software, word, etc. Many just find having the patient notes on one screen and the letters on the other, useful. Some I know put the patient they are dealing with on one screen and put results and other things on the other so they can catch up while people are walking to the room or getting dressed.

The point of this blog post is to remind/inform as many people as possible (as most in my experience don’t know this) – you can get monitors that swivel and go into portrait mode.

For doing “docman” and letters and the like this can be amazing as you can have one page on a screen without having to scroll. Some monitors on rotating them automatically go into this mode. Some need their settings tweaking. The monitors aren’t any more expensive – I’ve found a nice LG monitor that does portrait mode for under £100. I have a massive 27inch dell Ine i got for £300 that does it.

There is an adage a bad workman blames his tools. I always counter this with a good workman uses good tools and wouldn’t be seen dead with bad ones. A surgeon wouldn’t use a blunt scalpel – why should given I spend 8 hours a day staring at a monitor have a bad one?