Niche Health adds some nice apps to help with GDPR

Niche Health whose iGPR product I highly recommend, have adapted their auto redaction software to¬†help GPs meet some of the challenges coming with GDPR. As many practice managers already know – there are new rules around turning around reports faster and not being able to charge for access to records. (Though we are hoping there may be exceptions to this for large paper notes!) This is going to create a lot of unpaid work for GPs :-(. Niche introduce two products at what seems a reasonable price to help. One of their apps auto-redacts third party and sensitive¬†information before printing it off for solicitors or patients. The other appears to screen a set of notes for such information before allowing a patient online access to their full records – at the moment few practices allow access to full information including free text because of this burden. Both should save a lot of time and while I haven’t tried them myself yet they should both be useful. I suspect the copy notes one in particular. Contact Niche for more info.

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