Waiting Room BP Machine

We have had waiting room BP machines for over 10 years. Its amazing how often they are used and how useful they are. Have you got one?

People bring in their own machines and sit there making sure theirs are accurate. People use it instead of seeing a HCA or nurse which is a huge time/cost saver for the practice as it allows them to do other things.

Recently Kiosks are the in thing. These do more than BP, they do height weight, pulse, AF detection. I was in a practice the other day that had one and it was in the corner of the waiting room. It looked very intimidating and frankly looked like a speak your weight machine. No one was using it – largley I think because they were afarid it would announce their weight or tell them off to the waiting room.

Having said that we are thinking of getting some. Not perhaps to put in the waiting room but to put in our nursing area. When I was a junior doctor, in our patients, patients would routinely on arrival have their BP done, their urine dipped and their height/weight done by the Auxiliary. We have noticed that patients can often attend chronic disease appointments with the nursing team and they have so much to cram into the appointment that sometimes the basics get missed. Our idea is that as they arrive in the nurse sub wait – the HCA jumps them on the all in one kiosk and we get this opportunistic data on everyone.