Moves4Me App

Moves4Me was an app that we reviewed at our CCICP SME Innovation event.

Sorry, it has taken so long to do a brief review – lots on!

Basically it’s an app, written by a qualified fitness trainer that aims to improve the fitness and mobility of over 50’s by putting them through a series of exercises and assessing their progress.

It’s a personal trainer in your pocket but a lot cheaper.

The app helps you assess your level then creates a program of exercises for you. It then shows you how to do them and allows you to keep track of how you are doing.

The concept is that the stronger and fitter you are the less likely you are to suffer with certain diseases. It is not a weight loss app and it is not particularly aimed at anyone group e.g. diabetics.

It seems very good and the team are enthusiastic. At the event, some of the panel felt the graphics and videos could have been a bit better. There was some concern over how accredited the exercise plans were. The NHS is now completely obsessed (possibly correctly) by only giving advice on evidence-based treatments and there was a concern that by endorsing an app that was based on good theory but hadn’t been shown to actually deliver might be an issue.

I guess there is a difference between asking a patient to follow a regime and listing an app as one of an approved range. I believe they have had a high rating by Orcha. I do wonder if they need to speak to a unit like the Keele MSK research team and get some evidence behind the app or get it listed on EMIS’s app store.

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