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MAD is an innovative creative agency with an office in Warrington who seem to be specialising in augmented reality. At our innovation event, they showed us some excellent examples of AR work they had already done and were keen to know where AR might help CCICP. They had already done some work with NHS and have created several AR enhanced guides to services and projects aimed at the public.

My initial thoughts were this could be really useful in either Speech and Language therapy or Physio where people are often shown lots of exercises to do. The AR could help them visualise the exercises in a more 3D way and be much more interactive.

MAD’s production quality is amazing! And we discussed that 2-way information gathering might be best. That not just showing which exercise to do but monitoring if it is being done – how often – how well and monitoring any positive improvements in outcomes – ie pain reduction, and/or return of function would be enhancements we would want to see. At the moment we don’t have a project that could fund this work but MAD seemed a great company to work with and if you want AR get in touch with them.

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