Konsie – Falls detection

Konsie was presented to us at the CCICP innovation event. Alas, they couldn’t come but we watched a video.

They feel they have a novel solution to the problem of people falling over and being stuck on the floor.

They presented data that people are often on the floor for over an hour and that this can lead to worse outcomes that people who fall and get up or are picked up quicker than that. They discussed that while pendant alarms and the like can help – there are lots of examples of people who haven’t got one, didn’t want one or indeed did have one and it not working, where an alternative would have been good.

They recognise that some families are also remotely concerned about their loved ones and some have taken to installing webcams. However, webcams can be very intrusive and an invasion of personal privacy. Their equipment uses thermal imaging to detect a body lying on a floor unmoving and alarms on this. They have all sorts of evidence behind how reliable their kit is.

We have a load of questions about cost, equipment reliability, how big an area it works over but falls are a huge issue locally and we would be keen to trial something.

I guess the question the company has is who is the customer? traditionally pendant alarms are sold direct to patients. should this be? or is there a market for Councils? Health services? care homes? buying it?

Would there be a place for a care home (or perhaps a warden controlled flats or similar) having the ability to detect someone who has fallen overnight or during the day?

We are looking to see if we can create an innovations pot and perhaps try it out.

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