Interesting Meetings

From a Linkedin Post:

Had 3 interesting meetings today – 1. with Julie Evason from Health Diagnostics 2. with John Ridd from eviid and 3. Ian Cooper from Accenda

All have great products and ideas that will benefit or are already benefiting patients and primary care!

Hope I can work with/use/ help them.

I was asked for comments on what we discussed – I’ve got to be careful as some info confidential! However:

Health Diagnostics system – essentially puts a standardised front end on top of existing clinical systems to standardise data entry – nicely manages call/recall – is being extensively used in NHS healthchecks – could be very useful for LD checks locally – or possibly for a PCN that wants to manage cross PCN projects around things like nursing home reviews etc.

Eviid – some very interesting functionality around video capture and compression – its early days for them in the NHS and their app/system looks very slick but they need to decide what area they are targeting

Accenda – blown away – their photo app does exactly what I asked for in a previous post! It has huge potential. I need to understand their Gateway product more as it appears to integrate well with ERS.

From another post:

Been looking at Urgo Medicals new wound care app thanks to Daniel Barnes. They are using software that I haven’t seen before that watches users using versions of the App and creates heat maps etc of their interaction/touches with the app having been given tasks to do. Their laudable aim is to create the easiest to use app as possible.