I’m Loving the new Emis Mobile app

Ok, quite a few years ago I was one of the first to see the EMIS Mobile app v1. At the time I said something like it could be a game changer and immediately gave a load of feedback on improvements it needed.

Its taken some time (and to be fair I didn’t rush to try it this time) but WOW – its great! (caveats coming…)

I’ve just downloaded it to my iPad. The install process went well, the authentication went well, yes its a pain I have to use my password as I’ve forgotten that – at work I only use the smart card – and had to reset it but fair enough.

(Btw It’s a shame there isn’t a smart card reader that seems to work with the iPad. I’ve tried both a bluetooth one and a lightning connector one with horizon VPN but neither worked!)

It seems to have 2 modes, online and offline. You download people into your active list and you do this with a signal. you can now select any patient using patient find which is great. You now appear to have access to the full record including document attachments – which i have to say look better on the iPad than my computer and you can add consultations. Even better you can see the shared record so this is a big plus for an area that has pushed the community service to go EMIS.

You can record consultations, add drugs, send tasks.

Yes I can think of a load of improvements – sending cross-org tasks – smartcard usage to allow prescribing – etc. But this is really good. We gave up on EMIS mobile. I can see I’m going to be demoing it at the next practice meeting and we might all be buying tablets.

Of course… if I could do my results/and tasks on it that would be even better but for now as it’s matured into a mobile notes solution.

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