How do you measure good a good general practice?

I believe one of the aims of a PCN is to try and level up practices to standardise and harmonise care. However what makes a good practice?

The concept of balanced scorecards have been around for a while. Im interested to know if anyone is using a really good one. There has been a lot of criticism that some are not that balanced and not that much a scorecard as more a performance stick to beat people with.

Also does an endless list of KPIs really measure a good practice?

In my PCN id like to know who is good and who isn’t. So we could help the less than good improve. However what do we measure? Does the data we use even allow us to measure? I’m involved in a trust taking over a practice – how does the trust judge its done a good job?

One of the local papers publishes a modified form of the GP survey and ranks practices but that’s not balanced and Im not sure that accurate. It is also interesting it appears to put small dispensing practices at the top.

Is it access? is it prescribing? referrals? caring? CQC has its ideas however it appears to give outstanding to practices that run vegetable patches – is that a good practice? perhaps.