How 2 Launched

In response to the Covid19 crisis we have launched our Howbeck How2 online video resource to all GP Practices for free for the next 6 months in an effort to support our clinicians and practices during the current pandemic. Our current content (more coming) relating to understanding EMIS Web and Docman10 is particularly useful with many staff now working from home and to support recently retired and former front line staff returning to practice to enable them to get up to speed on primary care systems. As practices are looking to work together more, our bundles on remote consultations will help support you in this.

This site was being developed for release in the Autumn to support Practices & PCNs in optimising the use of IT systems in General Practice, particularly wrt Additional Roles Requirement of the PCN DES. The content has been produced by our experienced team of clinicians & trainers in primary care systems, but isn’t complete yet – more is coming. If you have a video on a topic that we haven’t covered that you are willing to share on this site during this time, or want to help create content please get in touch.

Please share and let all your colleagues know that this resource is available to them.