Hire your own trainer?

Locally we are going through a Docman 10 upgrade. While on the whole its OK – and there appear to be some benefits especially to admin staff, it is a learning process. The training given on the day is good but by its very nature is only on the day, you can miss it or it doesnt quite cover the bit you need.

Training from IT companies can be very expensive. One of the localities of our local GP federation, using a non-recurrent pot of money that it was allowed to bid for, successfully won the money based on the idea of employing an IT trainer to work in the practices on a day to day basis.

One of the problems with non-recurrent money is how do you make it’s effect last or count. OK, buying capital or hardware can be a useful thing to do. A new vaccine fridge or otoscope or even printer can all help but we thought investing in training, specifically IT training would be a good idea. After all improving IT productivity is one of NHS England’s top 10 high impact actions for improving primary care. The benefits could last for years.

So we used the money to hire an IT trainer with EMIS and Docman experience and just general IT/Office expertise. He is spending some time assessing training needs, doing practice sessions, some 1-1, some 1-group. He is also producing some training materials and helping tidy up a lot of systems and processes including our business continuity plans. One of the stipulations of the money was that we didn’t replicate the CSU offer so we weren’t double paying. Well, we are certainly getting something different and better – they pretty much supply a support line function only. What is interested in how useful everyone if finding him. It makes me think 1) how do we fund this again perhaps 3 months every year or more? 2) everyone should try this – our GPs and staff are feeling more confident. 3) why isnt the CSU or someone providing this service anyway!

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