Highlights from Best Practice Show 2021

Interesting visit to #bestpracticeshow today.

Highlights for me, in no particular order:

  • Omron lent me a new gadget, a wheeze detector!
  • SmartPeakFlow gave me a Bluetooth peak flow machine to try. They have a dashboard product coming out that they kept talking about secondary care about, but they need to realise most asthma care takes place in Primary Care.
  • I was really impressed by the Aktiia continuous blood pressure wrist band. Alas they didn’t have one to take away… hint…but it looked really good. Their evidence seems strong for its accuracy and blood pressure is a really hot topic at moment. I need an affiliate link!
  • CodePilots software that helps practices find missing data and therefore money is looking good and they are offering free analysis.
  • First Data Bank were there with their new software that my surgery is trialling.
  • Ardens and PrimaryCareFirst were both there – it’s amazing to have two amazing companies not quite competing but in the same sphere pushing primary care forward.
  • There were several e-triage solutions. I spoke with Harry Longman from askMyGP and engage consult. It’s really difficult to know who to go with. Both appear to be offering not just a product but a change process – of course online/face to face is incredibly topical right now.
  • GP billing were present and we have recently successfully switched to them.

There were several other interesting stands including some GP buildings experts and GP suppliers offering cheaper consumables.

If you haven’t already, have a read of my post “is it time to rethink what GPs do?”