HGV medicals in the cloud?

I was doing an HGV medical the other day and it made me think why isn’t this online? An HGV medical form can be downloaded from the DVLA website as a PDF – its a several page form with lots of questions in it. It seems to me it is forever changing every so slightly – one week it has certain questions in – another week they are slightly different. The questions are relatively complex e.g. if No go to section 4 if all no then do X.. if yes to any of the following. Despite having done them for years I sometimes get them wrong. In some cases the questions are negative – tick if none of the following are present,, in some cases positive – tick if positive. I’m not sure there are any double negatives but sometimes it appears so. Getting them wrong is a pain and delays things. The patient comes back wanting it altered. Also, there are several versions around where there is a box missing so its possible to miss out a question. To be fair on the whole its a good medical, unlike local council taxi medicals which appear to be a badly photocopied version of the HGV from about 10 years ago and often make no sense. I once wrote to the local council offering to write them a better medical but go no reply.

Anyway, it strikes me this could all be online. Things like Survey Monkey allow complex rule-based forms to be created that guide people past sections they don’t need to fill in and ask for more details where needed. They have all sorts of validation built in and would endure all questions were answered correctly.

What’s more, you would always get the right version and even better on pressing submit they would have it – no more postal delays – no postal costs? It would be useful if I could upload letters and results or even a summary but basically, a simple online form might save a lot of paperwork and time.

I can order my car tax online, pay my Vat and Tax online. Why can’t I do an HGV?

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