Gadgets I’d Recommend – Logitech Desktop Webcam BCC950

The Logitech Desktop Webcam BCC950 is brilliant I have two of them! Its comes as a standalone device with built in speaker, microphone and camera.

Its perfect for use with a PC that doesn’t have a built in cam/mic but you can also use it with a laptop in a large room if you have a larger group wanting to be on the video call.

The camera is on a stalk and thus tends to be at head height so its not always giving an image up your nose. The camera comes with a remote that allows wide/tele shots and can move around to focus on different people in a room. The microphone is great quality and the speaker gets really loud again great if you are having a team meeting. It works well with teams and Ive used it with all the major GP system video suppliers with no problems.

Because its all in one – you don’t get any feedback and it just works. It has two plug one is usb and connects to your computer the other is power although if there is no socket around you can use another usb to power it.

Although over £100 the quality is great and I highly recommend. The only feature it doesn’t have is auto tracking but that would no doubt put the price up.