Fatigue is a real thing!

Warning fatigue is a real thing! Whenever I prescribe something I can be presented with a page or more of warnings. All with different symbols. Most of the time I ignore them. Some are things like “care this drug might lower blood pressure” yes – I know that im giving it as an antihypertensive. Some say things like NOT TO BE USED IN LIVER FAILURE – this can panic me and I check the patient which means cancelling the prescribing system (which is a right pain in the neck) as there is no way of checking while the add a drug screen is up – to find that the patient has never had liver failure ARGH!!!!

Warnings should be relevant – timely – appropriate – specific?
they perhaps should be adaptable – can I tell it – don’t warn me about this again! – or don’t warn me for a while? can the system learn my preferences.

Can it learn from when I actually listen to it? Does anyone keep track of these?

Can it at least present the information its warning me about on screen so I can make a decision?