EPS for controlled drugs to be rolled out – At last!

Good news – it appear trials of EPS (electronic prescription transfer) for controlled drugs have been successful and it will be rolled our nationally.

This is a huge win for GPs as EPS is brilliant – (not perfect there are plenty of things I think it could do better). It’s brilliant because it cuts down on waste. It reduces footfall in the surgery, reduces chasing lost paper prescriptions, it actually enables remote/online working by removing the need for the clinician and the patient to interact.

Its been a right pain that EPS hasn’t worked for controlled drugs, especially as the powers that be keep making more and more drugs controlled. Recently we have seen gabapentin and the like go controlled. Fair enough in some ways but its a right pain when a 14 of a patients prescriptions go EPS and the gabapentin prints off in paper.

As an aside – my practice still has issues with he way EMIS implements online prescription ordering and doesn’t provide a custom inbox for it that is separate to the request box that staff use with GPs.

We also think that repeat dispensing doesn’t really work as well as it could via EPS – it could be a game changer but isn’t.

Personally I also think the concept of drugs owing and substitutes needs to be thought about – perhaps the basis for one of my blogs.