Digital Transformation Leads Forum

Met with over 100 Digital And Transformation Leads on Tuesday.
This is a new role for general practice funded by the ARRS funding. Some really interesting keen dynamic people wanting to make a difference.

We came up with 8 main priorities for the role:
1.     Help practices to implement cloud telephony
2.     Help improve access to general practice – inc. OC VC triage etc.
3.     Help with GPAD reporting and Data Quality in general
4.     Help with population health initiatives and understanding a PCNs’ data – leading to its clinical priorities
5.     Help implement the new NHS website guidance and work with practices on social media/marketing to help patients understand how primary care is changing and to defeat some of the myths/negative pr.
6.     Helping to Improve the training and up-skilling of staff to make the most of digital
7.     Help Find and implement digital solutions to improve back office efficiency effectiveness and profitability
8.     Help deliver hub (cross practice) working for Ext Access and other activities