Community Pharmacy – Do they have the capacity and technology?

While I welcome the news about community pharmacy taking on a range of conditions (while pointing out – do they have capacity and actually locally the MM team have been doing a scheme almost the same for 15 years) it does make me ask the question about what EPR community pharmacy will use to record those consultations and how that will form part of the patients record which is held in primary care. 15 presentations of a UTI at different chemists over a period of time might be indicative of an underlying issue – will these be picked up if no records are kept and nothing is fed back to primary care? Medico-legally what happens when someone sues for something (it will happen) do pharmacies keep records to the level we do? Perhaps they do?

Is there going to be any thought as to how these drugs will appear on the patients prescribing record – specifically to highlight interactions and ADRs?