CBT Phone System

I’m a couple of weeks into our new CBT phone system at the surgery and I guess I’m a little underwhelmed. The patient call back facility works. The callboard is useful and has my Practice Manager watching who is logged in like a hawk but as with all software there are quite a few areas where we are finding it odd.

1. It’s too tied to our clinical system EMIS – I’m currently sat at my PC on a teams call and because EMIS isn’t open I cant use the phone and no one can ring me (may be this is a good thing, but it’s not really).

2. The toolbar doesn’t show my status when in small form.

3. When someone rings me it gives me their number not their name – despite the fact it knows that and so I’ve no idea who is ringing me (internal calls).

4. The report engine – while good needs loads more functionality to help you find historic calls.

5. We have staff who log into different EMIS systems for cross org working and it disconnects them.

What do others think of their new shiny systems?