Cadscan – 3d printing of insoles for Diabetic patients to reduce pressure ulcers

Cad-scan – have a cheap 3d scanner to be used in clinics and possibly patient homes and an off-site printing process with home delivery of the product that can produce cheap pressure reducing insoles. They are aiming their service at diabetic patients to help reduce the risk of ulcers and to reduce the onwards harm/cost of looking after these problems. Their postulate is reducing the formation of ulcers reduces the need for GP and DN appointments, reduces the cost of drugs and would care products, reduces the cost of admissions and operations including amputation and thereby reduces the cost of disability etc. It is an interesting argument that has 3 problems. 1) I didn’t get from their presentation how proven this was or was this what they were wanting to prove and 2) it’s unlikely to be massive in year savings which is always a problem for the NHS that works on in year budgets. 3) I wasn’t 100% clear at which stage the intervention has most impact per £.

However, we really liked this idea and want to explore it more as none of these problems is insurmountable and actually, they may have the answers just not in a 15 min presentation. Certainly reducing pressure ulcers could significantly reduce our workload – reduce A&E admissions, reduce antibiotic prescribing etc. We need to understand at what stage they are in terms of proof of concept, they presented some research and it might be we need to be an early adopter to help prove the business case, in which case we might need a partner to help evaluate the outcomes, but we are keen to know more.


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