3D Wound Care

In one of my DigitalHealth.net blogs, I talked about doing wound care in a new way. Uploading a photo each time a wound was examined or treated might bring significant benefits in terms of continuity of care and oversight. Well, I’ve possibly found something even better! GPC has created a system that uses a 3D camera that auto measures a wound including length and width and a 3D depth profile. This allows a very accurate measurement of the wound which can be tracked over time. Hopefully, the idea is that as well as seeing how the wound is doing, by having accurate data it removes any user bias that might think a wound is doing ok when it’s not. Also, it might help produce new data on what type of treatments work best on what type of wounds.

My understanding is the camera connects to a Windows 10 device and the software that interprets the wound can upload its results to the GP EPR (or soon will be able to) where it can be tracked from. Ok this isn’t quite the vision I had of district nurses using a smartphone in patients homes, however, it would work for my treatment room (if my CSU ever upgraded us to windows 10) and I think the camera works with windows tablets which are possibly what we are buying the DNs to use anyway.

In line with a lot of areas – we are forming localities, locally called care communities, comprised of groups of 30-50K patients spanning multiple practices and this is a project I’m trying to get my care community interested in. Running an integrated service where community and practice staff all use the same tools and methods of recording wounds and we put in some oversight from either a dermatologist or Tissue Viability Consultant (nurse or dr). We are speaking to GPC about a trial.

The idea would be to see if we can reduce time to heal, reduce prescribing costs and reduce no of visits to a healthcare practitioner.

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